Best Corner Toilets 2020

If you have a small or medium-sized bathroom and are searching for a toilet that can fit into it then corner toilets are perfect choice for you. Besides, saving space even in small bathrooms, the corner toilets provide comfort and support.

There are many corner toilets available in online shopping stores like Amazon. It is not an easy task to choose a suitable corner toilet for your bathroom. Considering this, we have brought you the list of best corner toilets that you can buy in 2020.

We have also Included all the unique features of all the products in the list below. Additionally, we have included an unbiased review to each of the following products. This will help you to choose a suitable toilet for your bathroom.

Best Corner Toilets 2020

#1 American standard cadet 3 elongated triangle toilet

American standard cadet 3 elongated triangle toiletIf you are searching for a corner toilet that will provide you extra space and comfort, then this toilet is for you. The American standard triangle toilet seat is elongated measuring 34×19.2×31.5 inches. When you sit on the toilet, your thigh gets great support.

This toilet seat is way heavy than the round seat but is sturdier at the same time. It is one of the most highly durable models of corner toilets seat made from vitreous China. This is one of those corner toilets that have Ever Clean surface. This helps to clean the bowl and make it free from microbes.

Pros of cadet 3 elongated triangle toilet

  • Ever Clean Surface technology cleans the bowl and removes most of the waste
  • It provides extra space and comfort
  • Highly durable

Cons of cadet 3 elongated triangle toilet

  • It doesn’t include seat
  • The sides of toilet may attract dust
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#2 Renovator’s supply 17668 porcelain corner toilet

Renovator supply porcelain corner toiletIf you expect extra support from your toilet then you are at the right place. The Renovator’s supply 17668 consists of sharp edges and comparatively large size providing more support. The increased size of the toilet also makes it comfortable to sit.

For people with small stature, this corner toilet is the perfect choice. The length of the toilet is about 13 inches that makes it suitable for most modest bathroom.

This corner toilet model features Reno-Gloss technology. The Reno-Gloss coating prevents the adhering of bacteria. Additionally, this coating also makes your corner toilet clean and shiny.

Pros of porcelain corner toilet

  • Perfect choice for people with small stature
  • Scratch-resistant toilet
  • It features Reno-Gloss coating

Cons of porcelain corner toilet

  • The toilet seat that this cornet toilet includes is not durable
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#3 Renovator’s supply 13762 black ceramic corner toilet

black ceramic corner toiletHere we present you one of the most unique corner toilets available in the market. If you are searching for a unique black bathroom, then this is a perfect choice. The Renovator’s supply 13762 looks special as compared to the white toilets.

This corner toilet features a dual-flush technology. You can choose one among light and full flush. This feature helps you to save water.

The toilet is designed to last for many years. This is possible by the durable ceramic that makes the toilet. Additionally, it also prevents the toilet from scratches.

Pros of black ceramic corner toilet

  • Unique black design expressing elegance
  • Durable and scratch-resistant
  • Provides you extra comfort and makes your bathroom look attractive

Cons of black ceramic corner toilet

  • Some people may experience the toilet to be short
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#4 Renovator’s supply 17669 elongated triangle toilet

Renovator Supply Biscuit China Round Bowl Dual Flush Bathroom Corner ToiletIf you are looking for a compact corner toilet then you may find the Renovator’s supply 17669 interesting. The dimension of the toilet is 30×17.2×29 inches that makes it suitable to fit in even small-sized bathrooms.

Similar to most of the Renovator’s corner toilets, this toilet is also provided with Reno-Gloss coating. This coating prevents the adhering of microbes and bacteria and also keeps your toilet clean and shiny. This corner toilet is durable as well. Additionally, it also prevents scratches.

This cornet toilet also features dual-flush technology. You can choose among the light flush and heavy flush. This feature will help you to save water. The design of this toilet is also attractive.

Pros of elongated triangle toilet

  • Attractive design and bone color
  • Comfortable for even short people
  • Durable and scratch-resistant
  • Presence of dual-flush technology

Cons of elongated triangle toilet

  • This toilet doesn’t include seat
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#5 American standard cadet 3 round triangle toilet

American Standard 270BD001.020 CadetIf you are searching for a corner toilet that will sit silently in the corner of your bathroom then this is your required product. Even if you have a very compact bathroom, this American standard toilet will fit into it as it measures just 30×17.2×29 inches.

This toilet also features Ever Clean Coating. This coating helps to keep your toilet away from bacteria and other microbes. It also makes your toilet clean. The corner toilet is also durable as it is made from vitreous china material. Additionally, the white color of this corner toilet makes it look attractive in all-sized bathrooms.

Pros of cadet 3 round triangle toilet

  • Provides more comfort with round bowl
  • Features Ever Clean Coating preventing bacteria and other microbes growth
  • Durable and damage-resistant

Cons of cadet 3 round triangle toilet

  • This toilet doesn’t include seat
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#6 American standard 2840.016.021 titan pro corner toilet

Titan Pro Right Height Elongated Two Piece Triangular ToiletIf you are searching for a corner toilet with a bone shade traditional design then you may be interested in the American standard 2840.016.021. If your bathroom has a similar color pattern then this toilet will make your bathroom attractive.

This American standard toilet provides you extra comfort with it’s big size measuring 57.5x35x23 inches. This toilet is somewhat bigger than the average size. This American standard toilet features Self Clean Coating. Most of the American Standard toilets have this coating. Additionally, the toilet also consists of elongated siphon action bowl. Both the features are responsible to make your toilet clean and shiny.

Pros of titan pro corner toilet

  • Attractive color and traditional design
  • It’s bigger size provides extra space and comfort
  • The footprint is extended

Cons of titan pro corner toilet

  • This toilet may not be suitable for small bathrooms
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FAQs related to corner toilets

As you see, corner toilets are not among the typical types of toilets. Some of you may have questions running into your mind regarding the corner toilets. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding these toilets. You may find your possible answer in these FAQs section.

Q. Can we place the corner toilets even in the center besides placing it in the corner?

A. The answer is very simple. From the name it is clear that the corner toilet are designed to place in the corners. But it is also possible to place it somewhere else. For this, you should maintain the water supply as well as the main drain. Similarly, you can also add some decorative materials to not make the toilet look odd.

Q. Can a traditional toilet be changed to a corner toilet without moving the drain?

A. This is one of the typical issues that users have regarding corner toilets. In order to accommodate the new toilet, you will have to move the drain for sure. To place the toilet nicely, the drain should be moved at least by a few inches. You may also have to make extra effort depending on your bathroom’s size.


The popularity of corner toilets is increasing day by day due to it’s feature of providing comfort in even small-sized bathrooms. These toilets are placed diagonally so that you won’t have to sit in a cramped position. These toilets include almost all the features that you get in a regular toilet.

Among so many cornet toilets available in the market, we have brought the best corner toilets for you. Moreover, we have also included an unbiased review to each of them. You can select any of the above products depending upon your needs. If you think, these corner toilets are not helping you, you can check best bidet toilets or padded toilet seats.

Thank you for checking from all of us at Find Best Toilets!

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